Climate News! North Pole Special Update

Posted April 12th, 2012

After a staggering journey to the South Pole, Mark Wood has finally reached the North Pole and complete the North South Solo Expedition.

Here at Climate Change Solutions, we are all very proud of him and we cannot wait to have him back with us so we can start the celebrations! Mark will be joining us for a special celebration/reception at our May 23rd 2012 conference, Smart Low Carbon Cities, Communities & Infrastructure, co-located with Sustainabilitylive! at the NEC, Birmingham. He will be giving a report on his expedition and highlighting some of his key finds over the past 6 months.

We notified Mark of the 8.6 earthquake in Indonesia, which thankfully has not resulted in a tsunami. Also, there has been news from the Arctic itself, as insurance companies, such as Lloyd’s of London, have warned companies that intensive oil drilling and mineral & metal mining may damage the Arctic’s ecosystem if there were to be a spill or contamination.