Pledge Your Saved Carbon Emissions!

Posted April 3rd, 2012

Since Mark set out to Antarctica, back in November 2011, he has been raising donations – not in cash, but in carbon emission pledges through The DoNation.

Mark is attempting to raise 100,000 kg worth of carbon emission pledges, in order to raise awareness about climate change and also to inspire people to do something for themselves. According to, the average, standard household energy bill in the UK is £1239 a year, and with the price of gas, oil and coal rising as reserves deplete, it’s only going to get more expensive.

Yet there are so many things you can do to help reduce the cost of you bills! All of which you can pledge with The DoNation and not only help Mark but also help reduce your homes running costs.


Save water: Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, not over filling the kettle, shorter showers, rainwater harvesting, etc… it’s really not that difficult and there are free water saving packs from water companies, such as Severn Trent Water, which are designed to make lifestyle changes easier.

-  Save Electricity: We all know about the humble standby button, along with that little red LED in the corner of the room. Many energy companies now offer power down plugs, which means if you’re not fully convinced about turning absolutely everything off at the wall, then the plug will do it for you! Also, did you know that leaving a computer on all night uses the same amount of electricity as microwaving 8 frozen dinners? Just a few small changes around the house can make all the difference.

Save Heat: Do you know if your house is correctly insulated? Have any of your friends of family had cavity wall installed? There are plenty of methods that you can speak to your energy provider about, some of them are even free! Sometimes, it is even as simple as turning off the heating during the summer and turning down the heating a couple of degrees in the winter and having a few extra blankets around the house. You would be surprised at the savings!


As Mark will soon be throwing himself into sub-zero temperatures one again, we look forward to his successful return and his future exploits! Climate Change Solutions Ltd is organising an event within the Sustainabilitylive! Exhibition, May 23rd 2012, at the NEC in Birmingham. The focus is on Smart Low Carbon Cities, Communities and Infrastructure and will be hosting speakers and delegates from all areas of the energy and housing sector. Mark will be attending the events celebration/reception at 16:30 in the main Sustainabilitylive! Exhibition Hall, talking about his experiences and his education programme “My Life in a Freezer”. All attendees from the conference will be welcome and exhibitors from Sustainabilitylive! also.  We shall be encouraging our guests and their contacts to make their own pledges before and at the conference, in order to assist Mark in achieving his target!