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Mark Wood is an establish polar explorer who has operated within the cold extremes of the planet. His expeditions range from solo long range journeys to the North and South poles as part of a Channel 5 program, a two time crossing of the “horizontal Everest” Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic to the Geomagnetic North Pole and supporting the Top Gear BBC team to the Magnetic North Pole on their polar special.

With over 25 major expeditions Marks reason for exploring is about global communication within education. Whether it’s at the top or the bottom of the world or 2 miles above the cloud level on Mount Everest he visually connects from the extremes directly into classrooms around the globe.

Mark Wood Explorer : Talks Program

Mark’s an engaging speaker – he entertains and educates his audience by recounting his first-hand experience of extreme climates in the remotest locations, talking candidly his own leadership style, and how pushing himself to the limit (and beyond) helps him inspire the best from others.

Preparation for Working in Hostile & Dangerous Areas

Mark outlines the logistical steps when putting together an expedition to extremely cold regions, and strategies he’d recommend to make your journey successful.

Alone in the Extremes

Mark describes his back-to-back, six-month solo journey across shifting sea ice to both Poles, a severe test of physical and mental strength through the most inhospitable, dangerous and unforgiving places on earth – with no outside support.

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