Begins February 2015

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    • Thank you to the global network of IGGY members for following my New Zealand adventure @iggywarwick #MarkCyclesNZ
      about 2 weeks ago
    • Norway training begins tomorrow for the North Pole 15 @SkypeClassroom @GRITIT @iggywarwick
      about 2 weeks ago
    • Setting up a talk at the famous IVY in London @iggywarwick @SkypeClassroom @GRITIT
      about 2 weeks ago
    • NEW Animated FILM - Mark Wood Explorer @iggywarwick #MarkCyclesNZ @SkypeClassroom
      about 2 weeks ago
    • Final talks to schools in Auckland New Zealand before I head home in the morning @iggywarwick #MarkCyclesNZ @GRITIT
      about 3 weeks ago
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    2013-02-21 16.12.48

    Mark shares his knowledge and experiences in 'Preparation for working in hostile and dangerous areas' and engages his audiences with his sharing of  his of journeys in 'Overcoming Diversity'. 

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