Mark Wood

An established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet.

His expeditions have included Solo journeys to both the North and South Geographic Poles, supporting the BBC Top Gear team to the Magnetic North Pole, connecting with thousands of students around the world whilst ascending Mount Everest, cycling solo across the USA and New Zealand for an global educational program, filming dog teams in Alaska and leading teams through historic Himalayan regions.

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Expredition 8848 will link 3 explorers with 1 million student’s around the globe - creating the most extreme classroom on earth.

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Exploration to Mark is about global communication through education - on route to Mount Everest in 2014 he connected visually via Skype to over 10,000 students around the world in - real time.

His true passion is exploration and now he dedicates his time in building sustainable educational and leadership projects to co-inside with his extreme journeys around the world.

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By tapping into the many similarities between the difficult challenges faced by organisations today and the challenges faced by explorers in very dangerous and hostile regions, Mark is able to deliver a highly thought provoking, inspirational and motivating speech to his audiences.

Mark’s an engaging speaker. He entertains and educates his audience by recounting his first-hand experience of extreme climates in the remotest locations, talking candidly his own leadership style, and how pushing himself to the limit, and beyond, helps him inspire the best from others.

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Part of an explorer's job is to communicate their adventures and promote the issues they encounter from a personal perspective. Through my blog and podcasts schools have had open discussions about climate change issues, cultural differences, and why there is a need to keep on exploring.

Over the years I have set up educational programs to co inside with my expeditions - working with local communities in the Himalayas and the Arctic circle and encouraging global investors to believe in the long term benefits of the projects themselves.

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