I regard myself as an ordinary person and as I live in the very centre of the UK, could hardly be any further from mountains, snow and ice. I enjoy everything about adventure, from the idea, the logistics, the moment I set off, the experience of extremes to the complete understanding of what I have at home. I feel each compliments the other.


Adventure is my passion and I regard the pioneers of old as the great explorers - they mapped the unknown world. However, with climate change having an effect on the weather - oceans and mountains the roll of a modern day explorer has now changed.


Exploring to me is more than just self discovery. As I operate within the extremes of the planet I aim to communicate issues effecting us all. My expedition updates have reached over forty countries and thousands of students around the globe.


Through exploring I try to bring the realism of my experiences back in to talks and presentations. Having documented expeditions in very extremes of the planet from guiding in the polar regions to the mountains of the Himalayas

Affiliations and Associations

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

I am honoured to be a fellow with the Royal Geographic Society. The society encourages the need to keep on exploring, enabling people to step outside the box and discover adventure for themselves.

Ambassador to Coventry

The Ambassadors group in Coventry has over 200 people from the city who through talks, events and charities, seek to inspire others within the City. As a “Coventrian”, I feel immensely proud to be part of such an organisation and find that the inspiration nearly always comes from the people I meet through this society.

Ambassador to the Princes trust

Whenever I have faced tough situations on expeditions, I only have to think of how these young people have changed their lives with the fantastic support provided by the Princes Trust. I am truly honoured to be a part of such an inspiring organisation that literally transforms lives for the better.

Patron of the Liverpool wilderness medicine society

The Liverpool Wilderness Medicine Society takes young students to some of the most remote areas on our planet. Many of the students have been on expedition in the Himalayas with me so I feel extremely proud to act as their patron.

Patron to Plas Dol-y-Moch

Situated in the heart of beautiful Snowdonia National Park, Plas Dol-y-Moch is Coventry’s Outdoor Education Centre.

Ambassador for Sporting Equals

Sporting Equals helps black and ethnic minority communities gain access to sport and physical activities. As an ambassador, I am proud to be associated and to link extreme expeditions with the sporting world.

An explorer FOR IGGY

An international network of the brightest and most creative young people aged 13-18. Members are part of a global community that provides access to a wide range of exciting opportunities not available anywhere else. Set up by the University of Warwick, IGGY operates within over 33 countries and provides a wider audience for my expeditions and educational projects.

Cancer Research UK – CRUK

During my first Polar expedition in 2003, I became a guinea pig on ice for CRUK. Tests were done on the team for research into Cancer itself and I was privileged to support a charity which touches the lives of so many people. One year after completing this expedition, my Mum unfortunately got Cancer and never recovered. The support she received was amazing. Whenever I go on a polar expedition, I always carry the flag of CRUK to show my support for such an incredible organisation and in the memory of someone I miss very much.

Sustainability Live

I am delighted to be recognised for my work with schools and businesses with regards to environmental awareness. I encourage all ages to take personal responsibility for the environment so by being a patron to Sustainability Live, I hope to reach out to a wider audience.



Skype Mount Everest Ascent expedition


Everest ascent training expedition – Himalayas ( including Island Peak ascent)

2011 / 2012

Solo expeditions to the North and South Geographic poles


North South Solo training expedition – High Arctic Svalabard


Island Peak expedition – 6184m – Himalayas


Global Schools Project to the Himalayas – Warwick University


Himalayan expedition for the Global Schools project


A solo 30 day training expedition in Svalbard


Led 3 expeditions involving over 60 people to Everest BC – Snowball Exp; schools project.


Led a British first expedition in the Arctic – highlighting the Inuit communities affected by climate change.


Alaskan dog sledding expedition – filming for an educational films programme.


Led a team through the Himalayas to base camp Everest as part of an educational schools programme.


Led an expedition linking the two highest Inuit settlements in the Canadian high arctic.


Filming for a documentary on how global warming is affecting the Inuit people.


Led a dog sledging expedition in North America.


Arctic guide and operational support for the BBC Top Gear programme – ‘race to the pole’.


Arctic expedition technical support for the Magnetic North Pole Race (1996 pole position).


Cycled across the USA – 3500 miles from Seattle to New York.


Led an 8 person team on a successful Geomagnetic North Pole expedition.


Instructor on an Arctic training expedition – Northern Canada.


Instructor on an Arctic training program – Norway.


Instructor on an Arctic training expedition – Northern Canada.


A successful Geomagnetic North Pole expedition.


70 day training expedition and research for Cancer Research UK (CRUK) – Canadian high arctic.